Unitarian Universalist Hysterical Society
Inherent mirth and dignity
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Religion isn’t just about belief

…or theology, or the principles we affirm and promote. Religion is also about culture. It’s the song you sing to your kid when they cry, the story that everyone knows but still wants to hear retold, and the in-joke that makes us all exchange glances.

Let the Organizations do the good work of the Official UUism In The World (and it really, truly, is good work). We will be over here, making cheeky bylaws and debating how many UUs it takes to screw in a lightbulb. And forming fake committees.

Culture is created and propagated in many ways. This is ours.



If there is a God, she’s a comedian.
— Sherri Cornelius Dykes

Yes, we know this term was originally used to discredit women. So was “Historical”. Also, so was history itself.

We have considered other terms. Heretical and Hilarious were both sent to committee for discussion. Hysterilyrical was reserved for the hymnal supplement, and Hysterrible was forwarded to the pun committee for consideration.

It was an emotional discussion, actually, and you can find the thread here. In the end, we decided to reclaim hysterical. Because there’s a poetic justice in taking something that has been used to discredit women, and making it a platform for our belly laughter.

Belly laughter is a powerfully transformative thing.

If you didn’t spray coffee out of your nose today, we didn’t do our job
— Sue Geri Bierman