Unitarian Universalist Hysterical Society
Inherent mirth and dignity


UUHS Committees

Appropriateness Committee: Chair, Micheal Brown.

UUHS: A Potluck of Funny
— Oliver St John

Inappropriateness Committee: Chair, Jessica Purple Rodella.

Conflict of Interest Committee:  Chair Jessica Purple Rodella, Vice-Chair Micheal Brown.

Sneaky Phone Users committee:  Chair, Chris Bowdren Lopez

Etymology Committee: Has not elected chair, still discussing original meaning of the term.

Eschatology Committee: Has not elected chair yet, is still drafting terms of reference and is hung up on procedure for disbandment.

Entomological Committee:  In charge of bugging people and/or things that bug people. Chair:  Paula Millet

Evangelical Committee: Seeking chair. And any members.

Department of Redundancy Department: Chair, Stephen Woodbridge.

Committee of Redundancy Committee: Chair Scott Keeler. Chief Deputy Associate Executive Co-head, David Shair.

Redundant Bridge Committee: Initiated to foster communication between Department of Redundancy Department and Committee of Redundancy Committee.  Suggested Chair Laurel Egenberger. Committee is currently under consideration as to whether or not “Bridge” is the appropriate metaphor. Overpasses, viaducts, causeways, and skywalks are under consideration as alternate metaphors. Study shall continue, with emphasis on consideration of benefits or deleterious affects on wild animal populations and demographics.

Committee to Address Redundancy of Committees:  John Wrightington

Committee on usage of Affect vs Effect: Chair, Peter Scales.

Congregational Cynicism Committee: Disbanded, as chair Dan Lambert felt it was pointless.

Rhetorical Questions Committee:  Where would we be without it?  Chair, Roland Spickerman

Task Force on Committee Formation:  Suggested by Jess Rodella, but ruled inappropriate.

Meta-meta committee: Includes subcommittees meta-committee, metamorphoses committee (on change), and metamorphic committee (runs furnace), and meta-tarsal committee (kicks people out).

Glacial Committee: Monitors speed of things through other committees. Chair, Jennifer Guthrie Winschel

The Committee of Silly Walks:  Keaton Wagner

Apathy Committee: Chair vacant.

Cat Herding Committee:  Chair, Dippy The Cat.

Committee of PUUns:  John Dark

Triskaidekaphobialogetics Committee: Focusses on the lengthy, elongated examination of psuedo-spiritual, supernatural phenomena officially accepted within the pantheon of UU scientific connectedness. Chair, Tom Nalesnik.

Comite on the Preservation of Letters:  Chair, Caren Greenberg (Fun Fact:  They are our only committee active on twitter. Other fun fact: Boy, are they fighting an uphill battle).

What-colour-do-we-call-the-hymnals Committee:  Chair, Kitty Carlisle

Committee of Anxious Absence (Fomo):  Next meeting in undisclosed location, time TBD. Chair, Meg Richardson

Low Self-Esteem Committee:  Potential chair Bob Fox, but the current proposal was declared too early, premature, and undeveloped by the redundancy committee, so process is underway.

ACTDOA (Administrative Committee to Decide on Acronymns): Chair, Jessica Burress

Committee for Defining “Church”: Chair, Ellen Newman.

Committee for Defining “Committee”: Chair, Liz James.

Seating Committee: Pew: Suzy Huges, Vice Pew: Bob Fox, and Vice-Vice Chair: Ann McDermott. Subcommittees: The Who Sits Where Committee, the Don’t Glare at Newcomers in your Seat Committee, the Aesthetics of Seating and Coordination With Paint Colours Committee, the Theological Implications of Pews vs Chairs Committee, and the Empty Chair Committee.

Committee of the hole (formerly the Tim Bit committee): Chair, Lynn Coakley.