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Organ Donor Cards

Organ Donor Cards


UUs. We’re all about the everyday miracles, the saving of lives, and the recycling. Organ donation suits us.

And yet, starting a conversation over coffee hour with "Hey, if something happens to you, who gets your organs" does seem a bit awkward… Enter the UU Hysterical Society’s Rachel Gidluck Memorial Organ Donation cards! They make organ donation fun and cool.

There are four designs… from the sincere “We save each other” design to the crafty design (including instructions for donating of half finished knitting projects) to the cheeky design (including instructions for the donation of the signer’s middle finger) to the theological design (can’t be summarized, too wordy), there’s something for everyone!

Organ donation. In the words of one UUHS member, “For when thoughts and prayers are not enough”.

Note: These cards are FREE. Download ‘em. Sign ‘em. Print a nice big batch for your easter service and put ‘em on the foyer table with a big sign that says “speaking of miracles…”

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