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For the long, hard fight...

“I am so tired from the Terry Fox Run cancer run today,” my eleven year old says, collapsing on the couch

I remember doing that same thing at his age.

“You are tired,” my youngest child tells his brother, “because you did it wrong. I did it the right way.”

“What is the right way?” I ask.

“You run for a little bit,” comes the confident reply, “and then you hide under a picnic table to rest.”

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Breaking News: True Nature of God and the Centre of the Universe Revealed to Unitarian Universalists

The multi faith world was shocked last Thursday when the true nature of the Centre of the Universe was revealed to—of all Faiths—the Unitarian Universalists. Catholicism expressed dismay at the turn of events, stating “but we have been around longer, and they stole half their stuff from us”. Further comments followed this, but Catholicism’s words could not be heard over the loud spell of coughing that overtook Paganism at the “stole half their stuff” complaint.

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