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Inherent mirth and dignity

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Mauris egestas at nibh nec finibus. Integer tempus, elit in laoreet posuere, lectus neque blandit dui, et placerat urna diam mattis orci.


The Blood Spattered Pause

A reading for times of change. Times of sort of change. Times of you know you should be changing but aren’t all the way there, yet…

Warning. For a theology piece, the amount of references to vaginas is unusually high.


Bodies Belong to Those who are in them

Dear new guy in aerobics class,

I see you way at the back, cheeks red with humiliation, occasionally wincing into the mirror when you catch sight of yourself. Trying desperately to follow the perfectly synchronized flailing of limbs that is the rest of the class.

Remember, it took us YEARS to learn these steps….