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Miraculous Meme-the-World Stickers--set of 3

Miraculous Meme-the-World Stickers--set of 3


Our three highly flexible stickers are ready to help you improve the world around you!

“Now contains 20% more holy water” is the perfect sticker for your water bottle, travel mug, or cleaning supplies. “For when thoughts and prayers are not enough” is great for first aid kits, fire extinguishers, bike helmets, and vacuums. “This IS my spiritual practice” is just small enough to put on the back of your phone but still large enough to look great on your laptop… and also works well on guitar cases, crafting supply boxes, and more!

We spent extra to make sure that these are super high quality stickers—they’re vinyl, designed to be washed and rewashed, used outside, and more. The glue is great. Miraculously, they both stick well and also peel off well (I stuck them to a bunch of things in my house to make sure).

Warning: Stickers may cause grumpiness when affixed to teenagers. Also, may cause boring speeches about science and how humans are actually 80% water.

Work in a congregation? Have a professional development budget? What better use for it than bringing some real theological influence into the building… You can affix these stickers to the jar holding the water from the yearly water communion, the coffee urn, and the tank of the toilet. (I will let you decide which sticker belongs in each location, depending on your individual congregational culture).

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