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Mediocre Spiritual Practice Coasters

Mediocre Spiritual Practice Coasters


After we made “this IS my spiritual practice” coffee mugs, we got a request for whisky glasses, but those were hard to source, so we compromised with coasters, which can be used for all of your beverage needs.

We have to level with you that these coasters are nice but not awesome. They’re made of tightly packed and laminated paper, which we’re pretty sure would eventually discolour. We did engage in the best testing we had available with the materials at hand. Because our teenager is on a health kick, we did not have any juice/pop type beverages, so we rummaged through the fridge and eventually came up with a jar of pickle juice and poured that on the coaster, then made tea and put a tea ring on there, and it held up pretty well so we changed the product name from “Crappy Spiritual Practice Coasters” to “Mediocre Spiritual Practice Coasters”. The featured photo is of the stress tested one, which of course is not what you would get. You would get a brand new one, and if you want it to look like this you’ll have to pour pickle juice and tea on it yourself.

Which we do not recommend. Our kitchen smells very strongly of pickles.

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