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Honest Consensus Cards

Honest Consensus Cards


We know and love our consensus cards—holding up red to block, yellow for more information or discussion, and green as the go-ahead are staples of many UU communities’ governance. But have you ever wished you could have more colours… to cover a wider spectrum of what you might be thinking during meetings? Choose from 21 full colour cards such as Green for “Is it just me, or are we avoiding talking about money, again?”, Blue for “No, really, there is an app for that—let’s deal with this via email/doodle/etc”, and Yellow for “If we proceed as described, we will be on the side of what, exactly?”

Looking for the perfect welcome gift for incoming Board members, or prank present for the council of your local co-operative? Look no further.

Note: Honest Consensus Cards are intended as a novelty item. UUHS takes no responsibility for the train wreck that would likely occur should they be used as an actual governance tool.

Note: Upon purchase, you’ll receive a link that will be good for 24 hours, that you can use to download your own version of the Consensus Cards, to print and reprint for time immemorial or until your meetings become efficient… whichever happens first.

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