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UU Indulgence

UU Indulgence


Looking for the perfect gift for your board members this holiday season? Or a great item to auction off at the congregational talent auction? Or the perfect prize for the “competitive” game at the church picnic?

Look no further. UU Indulgences are delivered as a pdf that you can download and reprint… one for each Board Member. You can fill in the sins yourself, of course, or choose from one of the pre-written UU specific sins such as “made gluttonous use of joys and concerns”, “pretended marshmallows are vegetarian”, or “overused the reply all button”.

UU Indulgences are endlessly customizable… you need not ask for forgiveness from “Father”, but can also choose mother, gender neutral deity figure, mister speaker, choir director, and more!

Note: Upon purchase, you’ll receive an email link to download the file, which you can then use for time immemorial (assuming, of course, that there are printers in the afterlife).

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